Sunday, January 11, 2009

* Hope & Change *

No matter who we are…
Whether a boy or a girl
Whether a man or a lady
Whether a student or a worker
Whether young or old
Whether active or passive

As long as we still care for what is happening around us
As long as we still have the value of humanity inside our bodies
As long as we still appreciate the meaning of love within our hearts
As long as we are a Muslim or a Muslimah…

Let's do something to help them...
Let's keep praying!
Let's boycott!

Let's be responsible for our own religion...

Don't just say it, let's do it!
Perhaps, these are the smallest efforts that we can do
If u have the intention in giving financial contribution,
go ahead!

"Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that HE may multiply it to him many times? And it is Allah that decreases or increases (your provisions), and to Him you shall return."
(al-Baqarah: 245)

"O you who believe! Spend of that which We have provided for you before a Day comes where there will be no bargaining, nor friendship, nor intercession..."
(al-Baqarah: 254)

*Faith over fear*
Save Palestine!

ameenn Ya Rabbal alameenn...

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